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How to find the most popular articles on a website?

Marcin Pastuszek
Marcin Pastuszek

Your competitors

Starting the analysis of popular articles is beginning in the competitors' section.

The competitors' section you can open by two way. If you are already in the Content Explorer, click on the URL input.

Content Explorer - articles ideas view

You can go into settings (the gear icon in the menu), next click on the competitors' tab.

Gear icon of settings
Seodity settings - competitors

Competitors feature is directly related to Rank Tracker. If you change your competitors' list, it will also change in the Rank Tracker.

Sort popularity of the URLs.

Content Explorer -> Articles Ideas has four columns.

URL - link to webpage
Count - Total count of keywords found in Google search related to the webpage.
ETV - Estimated Traffic Volume. Estimated organic monthly traffic to the domain calculated of CTR (click-through-rate) and search volume values of all keywords the webpage ranks for.
Impressions ETV - Estimated Traffic Volume based on Impressions. Estimated organic monthly traffic to the domain calculated of CTR (click-through-rate) and impressions values of all keywords the webpage ranks for.

titles of columns

To sort the column, you need to click on it. If you want to sort by multiple columns, click to another. On the third click, you will turn off the sorting of the column.

You can sort using advanced filters by clicking on the icon to the right of the search input.

Advanced filtering icon

How do you find specific keywords in an article?

Usually, the most popular keywords are filled in the URL. Seodity enables to search in any column. Because it's the most popular feature, we have added search input next to filters.

search of best articles

For example, we have typed "popular" keyword and, Seodity shows every page that has this word in the URL.

Typed word in search bar

Let's start by sorting articles from the highest traffic. Click on the ETV column.

sort by articles with best traffic

Then let's set the value of the minimum keywords count. To do that, click on the filter icon. It's on the right from the search input.

Advanced filtering icon

The value that could determine popular articles is a minimum of 100 keywords count. Enable filtering by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Advanced filtering main view

And select greater than and type 100 value.

Sorting nad filtering by estimated traffic value

That's it. If you have questions or doubts, don't hesitate to write to me on the chat.

Content Marketing

Marcin Pastuszek

Marcin is co-founder of Seodity