Research the market and check out your competitors’ strategies

Do you want to increase your organic and paid traffic? If yes, check how your competitors are doing that and increase your customers count immediately!

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Competitors’ traffic analytics.

Use competitors’ experience to your advantage. Analyze their organic and paid traffic. Get insight on rivals’ Google Ads budget and keywords

Daily products rank checker.

Track product positions and ranking on Google, both on mobile and desktop. Seodity will send you a report every day.

Be notified about issues.

Seodity crawls your store in search of technical issues every week. So you will know about issues before your customers see them.

Increase your traffic and sales.

Seodity is a marketing platform with great advantages to analyzing competitors. Every feature is available to analyze any website or e-commerce.

Marketing strategy

Develop a marketing and business strategy based on your rivals’ tactics

SEO Audit

Find every issue on your store before your customers see them

Google ads

Spy your competitors Google Ads, keywords, and landing pages

Google rankings

Track your products in Google results and compare rankings with your rivals

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