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Backlink tools available in Seodity.

Try out one of the easiest SEO explorers. Set up a project in minutes to get a comprehensive backlink check on any website.

Domain rank

Check the quality and authority of pages that link to your website

Anchor texts

See external backlinks to your website in the right context

Backlink tracker

Get regular backlink reports delivered to your email inbox

Active/lost backlinks

Keep a healthy ratio of new and lost incoming backlinks

Do-follow/No-follow links

Examine the status and impact of your inbound links

Competitor analysis

Monitor the backlink profile of your competitors and find new link sources

Referring domains

Find out outlets that link to your page and diversify your outreach strategy

Broken backlinks

Find broken internal backlinks that hurt your website

In-depth backlink analysis.

Data-driven approach to inbound links.

Backlinks are essential for search engine optimization. You know that your content is doing a great job if it attracts organic links. With our backlink analysis tools you can identify successful landing pages and articles.

Data-driven approach
Access to the backlink

Get access to the backlink profile of any site.

Interested in your competitors? Type in any URL and check which of their pages win the highest number of backlinks. Get instant access to detailed SEO reports. You can learn about the number of new and lost backlinks, domain rank, or anchor texts.

Check backlinks with a SEO link explorer.

How to check backlinks to any website? Follow these steps and get valuable insights straight away:

Enter a URL or domain name


Create an account


Set up a your project


Access full backlink analysis report

Create personalized SEO backlink reports.

Use advanced features of the backlink checker for better SEO and content marketing.

  • Domain/URL - explore individual pages or the whole domain.
  • Anchor text - make sure that backlink anchor texts use the right keywords.
  • Domain rank - check domain reputation and collect more links from quality sources.
  • Status - learn about new and lost backlinks to any page.
  • Backlink data filters - generate detailed reports and filter the results.
  • Backlink comparison - take a peek at your competitors and find link building ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a backlink checker?

A backlink checker is a tool that reveals incoming inbound links. You can enter any web address and see all its incoming backlinks from other websites.

In what situations can I use backlink analysis tools?

There are many SEO techniques associated with link building. You can use backlink checker software for finding out new link opportunities as well as for lost link recovery.

What are the benefits of using it?

When many quality pages link back to your website, your domain authority increases. The more backlinks you get, the more link juice your website receives. As a result, your page appears higher in Google. With a backlink tool you can monitor who links to your pages and why. Building good backlinks should be an essential part of your SEO strategy.

How to use the backlink tool available in Seodity?

Set up a project and visit the Backlinks panel. You can find out all information on your and your competitors’ backlink profile. You will be able to check the domain authority of referring websites. The backlink checker will also allow you to identify high and low quality backlinks. For example, you can generate a backlink anchor text report. It will show you the most frequent contexts in which other websites add links to your pages.

How to find my competitors’ backlinks?

Competitive backlink analysis is very fast and easy. Seodity will automatically generate a detailed backlink report about your competitors. Just set up a new project, add competitors, and open the Backlings panel. You can switch between different competitors and use additional filtering features.

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