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If you are ready to get serious about improving the organic reach of your website, you are in the right place.

Try our website SEO checker and get access to powerful features such as:

Google SEO Ranking Tracker

Daily rank tracking reports for web pages that you want to monitor

Keyword Research Tools

Rank higher for specific search queries to reach your audience and potential customers

SEO Issue Detector

Find errors and technical issues that prevent your pages from ranking in Google

Seodity Rank Score

Analyze key SEO metrics and get automatic assessment of your websites

Content Explorer

Unlock detailed information about keyword rankings and visibility reports

Live SEO Site Audit

Check if your website doesn’t have broken images, incorrect redirects, or duplicate pages

Google organic ranking checker

Would you like to get more insights about your website search engine ranking with a single dashboard? You can! There is no need for a team of experts in SEO to monitor your position in Google. Get the full picture of your website performance in a minute.

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The keyword research panel

Rank for the rights keywords

Make your content marketing efforts data-informed. Find high volume keywords and discover new opportunities. Check your Google rankings for specific search phrases and pages.

Daily rank tracking reports for your website

Track your whole domain, individual product pages, or blog posts with a simple tool.

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You can explore:
  • Search position history and website ranking changes
  • SERPs across different languages and devices
  • Region-based SEO for different cities and countries
  • Automatic updates and custom notification

Boost your website visibility with a SEO ranking checker

Can't figure out why your homepage isn't generating any organic traffic? Your competitors' companies seem to have better backlinks and stronger local SEO presence? Start to play open cards and get insights about your positions on Google.

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  • Monitor your search engine result page position movements
  • Improve your SEO strategy with advanced ranking reports
  • Check your site rank in Google for different countries and languages
  • Get content marketing based on your competitors’ top pages
  • Find the best keywords with high search volumes and low difficulty
  • Receive custom notifications on your rank tracking

Check how you can improve your Google ranking results with our SEO tool and keyword ideas generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my site rank on Google?

Google uses crawling bots that analyze the content of all pages on the internet and assign keywords. If a website has a good reputation and high-quality content, it is returned in search results for queries that match specific keywords. To make your website rank higher, pages need to be optimized for search engines.

How to check the Google ranking of my website?

To find out what your search result position is you need to use an SEO solution (for example, Seodity).

You can also get this data directly from Google by integrating your website with Google Search Console. Enabling GSC on your website allows you to find the number of impressions for a specific search term, your average position, and your click-through rate. It will also give you some useful insights about your page speed and compliance with Core Web Vitals.

Why should I use an SEO ranking checker?

The most important benefits of checking your website position on a regular basis include:

  • Estimating the traffic potential of your homepage and product pages
  • Monitoring the impact of actions performed by your web development team
  • Finding keywords for your paid campaigns and keywords that can generate organic traffic for free

What is the current website ranking by global traffic and popularity?

The most visited websites on the internet are:

  1. Google (
  2. YouTube (
  3. Facebook (
  4. Twitter (
  5. Instagram (
  6. Baidu (
  7. Wikipedia (
  8. Yandex (
  9. Yahoo (
  10. WhatsApp (

How can I rank for specific keywords?

To achieve a high search position you have to make sure that you write content that answers searcher queries. The right kind of research is essential. You can learn more about making your pages more SEO-friendly from our guide: How to Do SEO Keyword Research.

Do I need to install anything to use online Google rank checkers?

No, you don't need to install any additional plugins or modify your website code. Software used for SEO works like Google—it uses crawling and collects data available on the internet. This means it doesn't need any backend access to your website. This means that you can check the Google website ranking of any internet page. That includes your competitors.

Are there any free Google ranking checker tools available?

There are many rank checker tools that have a free trial or a freemium version with some basic features. Rank tracking is available in the majority of decent search engine optimization apps. You can find more information about specific platforms in our ranking of the best keyword research tools.

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