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Grow your SEO agency using Seodity, the all-in-one advanced SEO tool.


Seodity offers everything from keyword research to rank tracker.

It can be time-consuming and expensive to use multiple SEO software services. With Seodity, you have access to every tool you need to achieve SEO success.

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Why Seodity?


Unlimited websites.

With Seodity, you can analyze and improve as many websites as you want. Unlike other SEO tools, there are no limits on the number of websites or projects you can create.

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pdf reports

Easy-to-run and easy-to-use reports.

Trying to convince a potential client to partner with you? You can run a Seodity report on their website and use it to showcase your expertise.

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Automatic error notification.

Seodity automatically analyzes your website weekly and notifies you of any new errors or changes.

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Grow your SEO agency with Seodity.

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