Analyze SEO of a website and fix on-page errors

Does your website need a quick SEO health check-up? Try out our tool to find out about technical issues, analyze your content quality, and track ranking positions.

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Discover your SEO score, identify on-page errors, and examine your website's rating now. Check one of the most effective SEO website analysis tools.

Check SEO ranking with Rank Tracker

See which keywords increase your online visibility and figure out which of your pages are, or could be, in the top SERP positions.

Rank Tracker

Identify keywords your website ranks for and receive custom notifications and reports on your email. Daily keyword rank tracking available.

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Keyword Generator

Try one of the most powerful keyword research tools to find the best ideas for quality content.

Detect technical issues and get your SEO score

Not sure if your website is perfectly optimized for search engines? Add a project, run our crawler on the website, and get a full list of SEO issues and tips on how to correct them.

Errors listErrors listUse one of the most advanced SEO analyzers to find:
  • Pages with duplicate titles, descriptions, or content
  • Localization and hreflang issues
  • Broken images and missing image alt descriptions
  • Broken JavaScript or CSS
  • Broken redirects, redirect chains, and loops
  • Missing title and description tags
  • Orphaned pages without incoming links
  • Multiple or missing H1 tags
  • First Contentful Paint and First Meaningful Paint
  • Slow pages and large files
  • Non-canonical or noindex pages in your sitemap
  • Low word count pages
Access tools for:
  • Accessibility and Progressive Web App Checklist score
  • Redirect flow visual monitoring
  • Meta title and meta description length analysis
  • Backlinks and off-page SEO analytics
  • Generating keyword clouds for pages

Generate reports with a website SEO checker

To increase your traffic you need to monitor your site performance and fix on-page issues. You can learn about them by analyzing your page with a dedicated online website checker. SEO analysis becomes much easier with:

SEO audit tool

Generate on-site SEO reports for any site

Data explorer

Analyze how your HTML, JS, images, and texts affect your organic visibility

Interlinking reports

Get insights about your link architecture and orphaned pages

Performance diagnostics

Monitor your speed, and accessibility

Ready for a quick SEO site checkup?

Search engines have very strict requirements and they analyze hundreds of ranking factors. If you're struggling to generate traffic on your website, it's possible that you're unaware of some common SEO errors. Do an audit of your site now to find out what's wrong. Audit your web pages with Seodity Rank Checker.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO score?

Seodity reports include evaluation of your site performance, domain rating, and keyword positions. You get the general 1-100 SEO score for the whole domain and detailed scores for performance, accessibility, or PWA Checklist.

What is the purpose of SEO audits?

A search engine optimization audit tool will help you get more traffic on your website. Google decides which pages to show by analysing data. An SEO checker can help you tap into your site's content and structure to see it just like a search engine bot. Your SEO report will look quite similar to insights collected by search crawlers. It is a powerful tool that allows you to recognise technical issues and potential usability problems. Fixing them, according to recommendations that you'll find in the tool itself, is the first step to boosting your website traffic.

How to run an on-site SEO check

Create your Seodity account to carry out a website analysis. Add a new project to the main Seodity panel and type in the address of your website. Add keywords that you hope to rank for (this step is optional) and go to the main dashboard. The list of errors, warnings, and notices will be listed on the bottom. You can also visit the On-Site section to run detailed SEO audits.

Can I analyze website SEO of a completely new website?

You can run your own on-demand analysis any time you want. Seodity will crawl the website and prepare your custom SEO audit and notify you about technical issues. The analyzer will inform you about potential problems with media files, page speed, or site structure.

Does Google offer an SEO checker?

Reports from Google's Keyword Planner are mainly used for paid advertising campaigns. This tool can help you improve your SEM and plan Google Ads. Tools such as Google Search Console, on the other hand, are good for monitoring your page traffic and click-through rates. While they are very useful, some of the best keyword research tools and SEO report generators are made by third-party companies.

How to check my website ranking with Seodity?

Add your site as a new project and click Rank Tracker to get a report based on search bot crawls and other search engine data. You can also use the Keyword Research panel to find a detailed keyword analysis of any page.

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