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This is Seodity 3.0

Imagine tools like Semrush, and ahrefs combined with Jasper and Surferseo with an SEO specialist who works for you 24h hours a day… every day.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools.

Seodity workstream shows you changes, recommendations, and research that has been done for you. This is your new work feed.

Yes, Seodity 3.0 will write articles for your blog

However, before it starts writing, it will conduct thorough research.

How will it do this?

It will begin with an analysis, let's say, of the potential traffic you can get.

But the key isn't just the traffic; the key is the intention behind the search. Seodity 3.0 will figure out how people will buy your services or products through those articles.

After that, Seodity 3.0 will create your content plan.

And then, you will get your perfect article.How long will it take?
Around 5 minutes per article...

However, Seodity 3.0 can produce many articles at the same time... hundreds of them.

You will get a lot of traffic but also sales.



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