How to choose the best keywords to track?
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How to choose the best keywords to track?

Marcin Pastuszek

It's fascinating how tough it is to find keywords that impact business. 

Why is that? Because you would be surprised how people are searching for things.

That's why Seodity helps with it. We are searching through the whole internet to find keywords for you.

We name it the Organic Traffic feature. 

Organic Traffic

You can find the keywords that Seodity found on organic results.

To choose the best keywords to track, use the presets we have prepared for you. The first choice should be "best ranked with high search volume."

Filters preset - best ranked with high search volume

Daily tracking of selected keywords

Next, select keywords with a checkbox and click "Add to Rank Tracker."

Add selected keywords to rank tracker

Tip: You can search through any other website like your closest competitors to find more exciting keywords to track daily.

Marcin Pastuszek

Marcin is co-founder of Seodity

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