How to use advanced filters?
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How to use advanced filters?

Marcin Pastuszek

With advanced filters, you can search a website by more than 250 parameters. Parameters can be combined and nested using logical arguments or/and.


To make searching more accessible, we have prepared the presets list. Click on the small icon on the right of the preset filter input.

Data explorer presets, filter of HTML and internal webpages.

In the presets list, you can find:

Presets list where you can find URL, resource types, protocols, and response codes presets.

You can use multiple presets.

If you search for 404 images:

chose URL->internal, Resource Type->image and Response Code->Not found (404)

Setted presets: not found (404), internal URL, and resource type - image.
Data explorer of those setted presets.

Basics of using advanced filters

You may have to find custom things for your project.

Data explorer filters are based on logic you may be familiar with from much other analytics software. You can link filters into groups and rules based on the OR and AND logical operators.

To illustrate this better, let me us an example. Assume you want to find external links for Dribbble and Github, which are broken (404).

Let's break down the example into the logic above

HTTPS Status is 404

Is not internal
URL contains "dribbble" 


HTTPS Status is 404
Is not internal
URL contains "github"  

In the Seodity looks similar, make two different groups as shown in the image below.

Advanced filtering with two nested dependencies.

What about nesting?

Nesting filters in the Seodity is possible and not limited. You can use rules and groups for that.

Use Add rule - to add parameters on the same level.

Use Add group - to add a level below.

How can you use it?

Imagine that you need to find a specific type of link on your website (containing certain expressions).

Let's find links that contain "SEO" or "performance" phrases.

Resource Type is HTML (to find only HTML links)

Add group with the AND operator
Is internal
Add group with the AND operator
URL contains "SEO"
Change operator to the OR
URL contains "Performance"  

Advanced filtering with three nested dependencies.

I hope this article has helped you use advanced filters.If you need additional help, please contact our chat support. :)

Marcin Pastuszek

Marcin is co-founder of Seodity

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