How to find broken images?
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How to find broken images?

Marcin Pastuszek

Seodity has two ways to find broken images. Find URLs (webpages) with broken images and by finding direct broken image URLs.

It depends on you what way do you use it. I will show you these two ways below.

1. First of all, you have to make an on-site analysis of your website.

Seodity will analyze the project with more than 100 SEO parameters. Our crawler will check every webpage for issues. Also, for each problem, you will find detailed instructions on how to solve it.

1.1 Add new project.

It's simple and easy, just three steps. If you have to make only an on-site analysis, you can skip keywords and competitors' steps (you can back to this whenever you need to).

Add your website to SEO analysis

1.2 Wait a few minutes (depends on the size of the website).

When the analysis has done, you will get an email.

We will need some time to analyze every link on the website. We don't want to make it too fast so as not to overload your server.

Technical SEO analysis

2. Find direct broken image URLs.

2.1 Open the On-site audit and click on the row "Image broken"

Seodity will crawl your added website every week. Change column informs you what's happened with your website.

SEO issues

2.2 After that, you will see all of the broken image URLs.

You can generate a .pdf report as well.

When you correct a part or all of the links, you can make an on-demand analysis to check again to be sure.


2.3 Click on the URL and check where the issue occurs.

To find webpages with broken images, you need to enter the single image URL and click the "inlinks" tab.

Often broken image is one many webpages. By fixing it, you can improve the user experience in many places.

SEO inlinks

3. Find URLs (webpages) with broken images.

Another way to find broken images is to start by finding webpages with broken images.

3.1 Open the On-site audit and click on "Page has broken image"

Page has broken image issue

3.2 After that, you will see all of the webpages with broken images.

Seodity has filled advanced filters. If you need to make some changes, modify them.

List of broken images

3.3 To list the webpage's images, click on one of the URLs.

Click on the "Image resources" and sort by Status column. Depending on your needs, you can modify filters on the top of the window.

List of broken img files

That's all. Seodity will help you to improve your websites. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask us on the chat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How often does Seodity crawl my website?
Seodity crawls your website once a week. This regular crawling allows the platform to stay up-to-date with any changes or issues that might arise on your website.

2. What if I fix a broken image, but it still appears in the list of broken images?
After fixing some or all broken images, you can initiate an on-demand analysis to double-check your corrections. If the issue persists, ensure the image has been uploaded correctly and its URL valid.

3. Can I apply filters to the list of broken images or webpages with broken images?
Yes, Seodity has implemented advanced filters that you can modify according to your needs. This feature lets you focus on specific issues or areas of your website.

4. How can I get help if I encounter issues or have questions while using Seodity?
Seodity offers an in app-chat allowing you to ask questions or seek assistance while using the platform. The support team is available to help you with any doubts or concerns you may have.

Marcin Pastuszek

Marcin is co-founder of Seodity

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