The AppSumo Effect: How We Made Over $270,000 in One Month and Lessons Learned
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The AppSumo Effect: How We Made Over $270,000 in One Month and Lessons Learned

Grzegorz Graczyk

In July 2022, we decided to take the plunge and launch our product, Seodity, on AppSumo. Within just one month of our product launch, we managed to generate over $270,000 in sales. If you're considering launching your product on AppSumo, read on for our experience, the good and bad aspects of the launch, and whether we'd consider doing it again.

The AppSumo Opportunity

AppSumo is a digital platform offering lifetime deals on various software, tools, and educational materials for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. With over 3 million users, it's an attractive platform for startups looking to boost their sales and reach a broader audience.

Getting selected for the AppSumo Select program, which highlights the most promising and high-quality products, was a huge validation for our product. This nomination gave us the opportunity to showcase Seodity to millions of potential users.

Preparing for the Launch

Knowing that we were going to be in the spotlight, we poured time and effort into perfecting our product. We enhanced Seodity with new features, improvements, and a user-friendly platform based on feedback and research. We also prioritized clear communication, addressing common customer questions and collaborating with the AppSumo team on promotional materials.

The Launch on AppSumo

When we launched Seodity on AppSumo, the overwhelmingly positive response reassured us that we had made the right choice. We sold a total of 1,820 licenses. This initial success provided valuable feedback from our user base and generated enthusiasm for our product.

However, the launch also brought its challenges. Our support team quickly became overwhelmed with requests, and time zone differences made it difficult to deliver timely assistance. Faced with these issues, we expanded our support team and streamlined communication. This helped us handle inquiries more efficiently without compromising our reputation for excellent customer service.

The Good

Some of the positives of launching on AppSumo were:

  • Increased visibility and brand awareness
  • A growing customer base
  • Valuable feedback and suggestions from "power users"

Our product rapidly improved – with almost 2,000 new users, we were motivated to quickly release new features. Additionally, we gained a clear understanding of which features to prioritise based on input from users who relied on Seodity for their businesses, providing valuable insights from real-world scenarios.

Our product visibility increased, and after the campaign ended, we began to notice new monthly subscribers.

The Bad

Despite these positives, we also faced challenges, such as:

  • Handling a high volume of support requests
  • Increased server maintenance and infrastructure expenses
  • Difficulty upselling other products and services to AppSumo users, who mainly prefer lifetime deals

Our small team found it challenging to handle all support requests quickly, especially with timezone differences. Additionally, we had to be mindful of infrastructure costs - in our case, users generated costs even when they weren't actively using the app (e.g., Keyword Rank Tracking), which isn't ideal for a high volume of LTD users. Furthermore, AppSumo users are a unique demographic; they can be very helpful in finding bugs and providing feedback but can also be quite demanding when it comes to new features. It's almost impossible to sell them anything that isn't a lifetime deal, which isn't sustainable in the long term.

Would We Do It Again?

Our AppSumo launch was ultimately a success, but it's important for businesses to assess whether the platform aligns with their goals and needs. For those with high infrastructure costs, the short-term revenue boost from AppSumo may not produce long-term gains. However, the exposure from the platform certainly helps boost subscriptions.

Overall, launching on AppSumo comes down to your specific product and what you hope to achieve. We believe the lessons learned from our launch were invaluable and have positively impacted our company's growth.

Grzegorz Graczyk

Co-founder of Seodity

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