Monthly Product Update (September)
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Monthly Product Update (September)

Marcin Pastuszek

Keyword Gap

The Keywords gap tool gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. By finding out which keywords they ranked you are not, you can improve your keyword strategy and stay ahead of the game.

  • Find new opportunities for your website by seeing which keywords your competitors are ranking for.

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Keyword Intersection

This function allows you to see which keywords your website ranks for and those of your competitors. This can be useful to compare your website's performance against that of your competitors. 

  • Compare your website's performance to your competitor's
  • Optimize your website for better ranking
  • See which keywords you and your competitors are ranking for

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Competitors suggestions

This new feature suggests your competitors' basis on the keywords' similarity. We compare the ranked keywords of your domain with keywords of discovered websites in the SERP. That's why those results are so accurate. You can also sort it by percent of similarity, keywords count, estimated organic traffic (whole domain), and estimated paid traffic (whole domain).

  • The results are accurate and tailored to your specific domain 
  • You can quickly and easily see which websites are your biggest SEO competitors 
  • You can sort the results by different metrics to find the most useful data - Find new competitors you may not have considered before

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Content Explorer - UX changes

Now, you can easily select the competitors which you entered earlier. 

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Choosing the name of the crawler

Now, you can change the name of the Seodity crawler. By default Seodity's crawler looks exactly like a regular user who is using the latest Chrome. We have added the option to change the name to SeodityBot. This could be useful if you want better to recognize the crawlers' traffic to your website. 

  • You can now change the name of the Seodity crawler to SeodityBot, making it easier to recognize the crawlers' traffic to your website.

Fixed issues

  • Adding keywords to the Rank Tracker issue
  • Removing keywords in the Rank Tracker issue
  • Adding/removing competitors' issue
  • Paid traffic is no longer showing in the Rank Tracker
  • Performance of Rank Tracker for big projects -> more than 1000 keywords
  • The project settings view wasn’t working for some users. It’s fixed now.
  • Fix for “Noindex page in sitemap” error in On-Site analysis.
  • Fixed CSV reports
Marcin Pastuszek

Marcin is co-founder of Seodity

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