Four steps to increase organic
traffic to your website

  1. 1
    Check your website's organic traffic
  2. 2
    Analyze your competitors' organic traffic
  3. 3
    Generate a report with the best phrases and use them in your marketing efforts
  4. 4
    Save the best phrases and track their positions on a regular basis

Organic Traffic tool powered by Seodity

Everything you need to monitor
website traffic.

Seodity offers all the necessary tools to help you study your website traffic.
The same tools will help you analyze your competitors.

Website organic
traffic history

Check how a website increases its organic traffic.

Detailed list of
ranked keywords

Get detailed data about every keyword we've found.

Competitor organic
traffic analysis

Check how your competitors get their organic traffic and select the best way to do this.

Advanced results

Find a way to pick the best keywords for your marketing plan. Filtering can help do this.


Seodity will notify you when new keywords appear.


Generate detailed reports or export data to any other marketing tool you already use.

Check which keywords you appear in search results.

Seodity will show you which keywords provide you with the most organic traffic. You can also check their potential with the Search Volume column. Use presets to find the most critical keywords in your business.

Filter used:  Keywords with greatest potential
Filter your results
Become serious competitor

Become a serious competitor to your rivals.

We will show you what your competitors are doing to be on the top of search results. It is a crucial step.You only need to type the URL of your competitor or add a new project with their domain.You will get data about your competitors' marketing strategies.

2 ways to analyze competitors
Quick way to analyze your competitors
If you want to quickly check some of the URLs or whole domain without automatic reports and technical audits, it is the best way to do that.
Deep way to analyze your competitors
That is perfect if you want to check your competitors deeply and be informed about any changes they have made. In addition, we will notify you by email about new keywords, landing pages, and backlinks.

Use the best data in your marketing strategy

You can export all of the data that Seodity provides you and use them in any other tool. It is also the simplest way to support your marketing team or any freelancer who provides you with marketing services.

Create marketing strategy

Track the top keywords to react to any changes.

The last step you should take is constantly tracking the best-ranked keywords. Use the Rank Tracker tool for this. The Rank Tracker will inform you of all changes. It will also enable you to compare your results with your competitors.This way, you will never be outranked by your competitors again.

Track keywords

Check your website's organic traffic.

Create your first project by adding your website. You can add projects without limits. Use this advantage to explore all your competition in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to see not-provided keywords from Google Analytics?

Yes, Seodity will show you almost every keyword that appears in SERP. Thus, you can no longer guess what keywords provide visitors on your landing pages or blog articles.

Will I increase my website's traffic with Seodity?

Absolutely, this is the idea of Seodity. We will show you how to do a deep marketing analysis of your competitors. Thus, you can create your marketing plan and implement it very quickly.

Can I check the website if I'm not an owner?

Yes, we allow everyone to check every website. You can use every Seodity's feature in this way, like organic traffic, paid traffic, technical analysis, content explorer, and backlinks.

Can I use organic traffic to find content ideas?

Yes, you can find the best keywords and topics that work for your competitors. Another way to do that is our Content Explorer, where you can see which articles have the highest traffic.

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