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Keyword research

Find the best keywords quickly and easily.

Discover the keywords your website already ranks for on Google.

Simply enter your domain name, and Seodity will find all the keywords that your website currently ranks for on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Discover the keywords using keyword research tool
Discover the keywords using keyword research tool

Find the most cost-effective keywords.

To get the biggest bang for your buck, you need to use frequently searched keywords that have a low cost per click. Our tool displays this additional data for each keyword and allows you to sort and filter easily.

Find the most cost-effective keywords.

Find out which keywords your competitor is ranking for on Google.

Just like you can discover which keywords your website is ranking for on Google, you can do the same with your competitors’ websites. Just type in their domain name to begin your competitor research.

Ranked keyword of your competitors
Ranked keyword of your competitors

Search for related keywords.

Once you’ve found a keyword that will work for you, find keywords similar to it so you can expand your approach.

Related keyword tool.

Check the Google Ads rate for your keywords.

Find out what individual keywords cost on Google Ads to maximize your paid and organic search strategy.

Google Ads rate tool.

Search for keywords in a variety of ways.

With our tool, you have the ability to search for keywords by keyword ideas, keyword suggestions and a variety of other ways.

A lot of methods to search new keywords.

Save your favorite keywords and add them to Rank Tracker.

Keep an eye on your favorite keywords by saving them and adding them to Rank Tracker. When you add keywords to Rank Tracker, you’ll be able track their performance in real-time.

Favorite keywords feature of keyword research tool

Discover the best keywords effortlessly and quickly with our streamlined solution.

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