The 100% Accurate SEO Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

Discover and continuously monitor how your website performs in SERPs. Our SEO rank tracker informs you of your existing rankings and enables you to analyze the impact of your optimization campaigns.

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Everything you need to keep eye on your results.

  • You can compare results with your competitors.

  • Are you not sure which keywords track? We will find them for you.

  • Generate CSV or PDF reports on-demand.

  • We will send you a daily report in your email.

Comparison of competitors

Transform Your Organic Reach With This SEO Keyword Rank Tracker Tool.

Knowledge is power, and this tool gives you all the in-depth analysis you need to decide which keywords to target to improve your SEO performance.

Daily Ranking Reports

Automated daily ranking reports allow you to easily monitor ranking changes, ensuring you never miss anything.

Competitor Analysis

Enter specific keywords to find out how you rank in SERPs compared with your competitors.

Crucial Keyword Data

Have easy access to and analysis of all the crucial keyword data you need to make informed decisions.

Local & International Data

The international and local SEO rank checker enables you to efficiently and effectively target different markets.

Infinite Projects

If you’re running multiple websites or are an agency, you can analyze unlimited websites in a single platform with one subscription.

Reports On-Demand

Want to take a deep dive into the data or share reports externally? You can quickly export all data as a PDF or CSV whenever you need to.

100% Accurate Keyword Data.

Seodity works in real-time, giving you the most accurate and up-to-date rankings, search volumes, and position changes, empowering you to be proactive in optimization and reactive to sudden alterations.

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Informed Content Marketing.

Modify your content marketing strategy and skyrocket your rankings. This SEO ranking tracker has the power to transform your position in SERPs. Leverage these critical insights to create compelling keyword-optimized content that search engines and users can’t ignore.

Results By Location & Device.

Whether you’re a multinational business or a local company targeting surrounding areas, you’ll discover data applicable to ranking in either scenario. Go another level deep and monitor your performance across desktop and mobile.

Keyword Location and DeviceBest keyword ideas to track

The Ultimate SEO Rank Tracker.

Get invaluable insights in seconds. Insert your domain name to instantly see a breakdown of the keywords you rank for, the page that has achieved the ranking, its position, and any recent changes. From here, enter competitor URLs to easily compare performance, giving you informed insights and letting you know which terms to protect and new ones to target.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track SEO ranking with Seodity

Enter your domain name, and one click later, you’ll be presented with all the keyword data and insights you need to make informed content marketing decisions.

Is the Seodity keyword ranking tracker tool easy to use?

Yes! There’s nothing to download, no plugins to install. Quickly log in, set up your domain as a project, and initiate automated reports. From here, you’ll receive the insights you’ve requested without doing any work yourself.

Why should I do competitor keyword analysis?

There are two major benefits. Firstly, you can highlight keywords your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t, presenting new opportunities for you. Secondly, monitoring position changes is easy. If you see a spike in a particular keyword, you know your competition is working to claim a higher ranking for that term.

Does Seodity work for in-house teams and agencies?

With limitless projects, Seodity is perfect for both in-house teams and agencies. As an agency, you can create keyword analysis projects for all of your clients that you can easily switch between. In-house teams benefit greatly by setting up ongoing analyses for their own website and their competitors.

Try The SEO Keyword Rank Tracker For Free.

Start your 7$ trial today and harness the power of 100% accurate keyword performance data.

  • SEO keyword ranking tracker
  • Analyze local and international data
  • Monitor position changes and search volumes
  • Segment insights by mobile and desktop
  • Compare your performance vs. competitors
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