Seodity and e-commerce against COVID-19
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Seodity & e-commerce against COVID-19

Seodity wants to help in the fight against COVID-19 so we give you the tools to take care of the challenges e-commerce is facing.

We'll upgrade your free plan for three months


What are the steps?

We'll upgrade your free plan for three months - all you have to do is contact us via the chat or the contact form below.


Step 2

Write to us in a chat or via the form below.

Seodity is helping e-commerce in a few aspects


Availability of services

Seodity checks the availability of web services. It will also remind you about the end of your domain and SSL/TLS certificates.


Flawless product display

Seodity will help you confirm that all of your products are displaying correctly.


Product ranking in Google

Seodity will check the positions of your products pages in the Google search engine.


Find out who your competitors are

Check how the competition works and adapt to the occurring changes.

+ and all other features available in Seodity

What do you receive?


More webpages

Increase of the number of analyzed webpages 100 → 1000


More keywords

Increase of the number of analyzed keywords 3 → 10


Cheaper plans

30% discount coupon for paid plans

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