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Discover and build the most effective backlinks.

Explore your website’s history of backlinks.

Take advantage of Seodity’s easy-to-use charts to discover which backlinks your website has had over the past six months.

Backlinks' chart history

Sort and filter backlinks quickly and easily.

Find the exact backlinks you’re looking for with the ability to sort and filter by status, type, date added and more.

Sorting and filtering backlinks of your website.
Sorting and filtering backlinks of your website.

Find out which anchor text is leading to your website.

Get access to the specific anchor text that is being used by other websites to direct users to your website.

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Identify the source domains of your website visitors.

Find out which websites your visitors are coming from using Seodity’s ability to locate the exact URL that’s sending people to your website.

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Save your favorite backlinks.

Want to refer back to certain backlinks? Find those backlinks quickly by saving them to your favorites.

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